Corporate Finance

We guarantee discretion, continuity of service, high profile and fairness when implementing tailor-made financing solutions.

As independent advisors, we are free from conflicts of interest which may arise through lending or other business relationships with financial markets participants, and the resulting business constraints.

We offer independent advice for complex financing solutions – whether in the form of equity, debt, or mezzanine structures. Our clients expect advice that helps them to successfully act in a market environment that is often intransparent. We understand the performance of financial institutions, investor behavior, and new developments on the financial markets.

For venture capital providers or strategic partners, we offer:

  • access to private equity houses, capital investors, family offices, institutional investors, HNWIs, highly-capitalised business angel networks
  • banks;
  • leasing companies;
  • factoring houses.

Thanks to our long-standing relationships to these investors and providers of capital, we can provide our clients with a wide variety of opportunities regarding the size and structure of the required financing or investment. Our business partners usually invest in tranches between €5 million (or less) and €100 million, with bigger investments possible for special projects.

Prior to any financing, we usually carry out a detailed analysis of financing requirements, and of projected cash flows. Our partners command above-average expertise in structuring complex solutions.

We present the results of our projections in the usual formats required by investors or banks:

  • income statements;
  • balance sheets;
  • cash flow statements;
  • capital structures;
  • indicators for banks and rating agencies;
  • break-even analyses;
  • liquidity planning;
  • company valuations;
  • debt-servicing projections/amortisation plans;
  • investor returns;
  • consolidated data across multiple enterprises.