Financing Business Inovation

Our team and our network of professional partners provide the methods and processes for successful innovation, and will support you in implementing it.

Dynamic growth requires new financing structures. Whatever your plans for growth look like, FMP Financial Market Partners are the experts at your side, supporting you in: 

  • implementing business concepts;
  • creating and revising business plans;
  • preparing business cases and an equity story;
  • identifying financial and strategic investors.

FMP's strategic analysis:

  • scrutinises and verifies corporate planning – income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement – as well as the
  • reviews the visualisation and documentation of the equity story;
  • identifies new options as well as potential for optimisation (the target status);
  • leverages networked thinking in order to identify cross-relationships;
  • challenges the status quo with a neutral, external perspective;
  • identifies financing sources, providers of capital, and strategic partners.
  • FMP cooperates with top-tier experts for innovation in terms of business ideas, products and marketing. These experts are
       integrated into individual teams, in line with customised requirements.